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Character Journal - May 2, 2001

Our mission commander had me set a course out of Federation space. She chose an unexpected path that added nearly a day to the time needed to reach free space again, but all we encountered on the way was a line of perimeter defense scanning posts.

The guys all got together to interrogate the traitor. It might have been fun to watch, but too much male bonding can get annoying so I sat it out. Bow sat in on it I think, and they got quite a bit of information out of him it seems. The team is in pretty high spirits.

[ooc: I couldn't keep up, I leave it to someone else to comment on the information learned.]

The Captain and his crew have recovered from the biological weapon, and so ends my first command. We're back on course, and the ship is intact, so I think I did a reasonable job. Still, it's good to be back in an exo-armor again.

Upon entering our destination system, we found the planet blockaded, which we've challenged. They sent out a squad of eight small fighters and two large fighters to stop us. It took us less than 3 minutes to clean them up, and it feels good to be squarely on the right side of things again.

Now we see they've detached two gun ships and a small carrier from the blockade to try to do what their fighters couldn't.

This should be fun.
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