Frerico (frerico) wrote in boomers,

A suggestion for future episode titles

Into the Light (Part two)? What happened to part one???

Into the Breach (Part one)??? Ohhhh...I get it now.

He's not heavy he's my exo........Huh????

The ringing mix up....God I so hoped that this was not some silly play on words and that it was instead really just a typo but alas. It's been on this site now for a week.

You know Quu, at one point you had suggested that you would give us the titles for all of our episodes before the game started. You just said you'd do it in german, that way we wouldn't have an advanced idea as to what was going on. My only question, is are these titles the actual german translations word for word? If so, go back to making them all german. I think they would sound so much better then this crap that's been coming out so far.

Now that I've gotten that off of my back some adjustments to this latest installment from Quu. Most of what he said was true, at least up to the point of where Gareth showed up. A few corrections about that particular exo combat however. First it was again Gareth, Belle, and James in the exo battle. I have no idea where Bo went to but I distinctly remember James needing some assistance during that fight. And we did not suffer heavy battle damage from that battle. James exo got shot up pretty good but that was it. And James' exo was ready for combat on our next mission anyway.

Something else that I would like to point out about Quu's game that really started to become very clear at this point. Almost every NPC we've ever encountered has been for the most part completely unhelpful (with a few noteworthy exceptions). The scientists that we rescued on this mission, initially thought we were there to kill them, so they attacked us. Then, they proceeded to provide us with next to no information as to why they had been kidnapped etc, etc..... One of the current themes in this game for quite some time has been the very rigid and structured method in which information flows to the PC's in the game. For the most part, information has been handed out to us on an almost need to know basis. Like, in the next two seconds that NPC that you just found out existed is about to unleash an anti-matter missle at you. Many attempts have been made to determine information about the game and the npc's in the game. Very often the PC's have often come up with nothing. I find it amazing that so many organizations in Quu's universe are able to stay so well hidden from everyone and everything. Even when specific information is already known about them.

But this is typical for the way that NPC's have been appearing in this game. Just wait till we get to the arcade incident....that's one for the books.

And now I feel I must once again defend myself against the growing hypocrisy that has been generated by the arguments of one MrBig42. I love that part in his response to me about how character assassination is the last resort of a poorly constructed argument. Then he proceeds to accuse me of insanity for the rest of his commentary. I also particularly enjoyed the part about him being the only impartial one in these journal entries. A lie that is so blatant and gross I will not even dignify it with a response.

The best part about his entire comment though was when he finally ran out of all the other bluster he had in him he had to resort to making fun of my name. This gave him yet another chance to distract the readers from the truth of what was really going on. Really, once again can he not even be a little more original then just ordinary name calling? Oh well, simple minds, simple pleasures.

I'll leave you today with but one warning gentle readers.....I wouldn't hold your breath if I were looking for the truth from MRBIG42. You know when you get over 40 years of age your memory is one of the first things that goes. And I would hate to hear of so many people suffocating from waiting for the truth from him. Later
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