Frerico (frerico) wrote in boomers,

A suggestion for future episode titles

Into the Light (Part two)? What happened to part one???

Into the Breach (Part one)??? Ohhhh...I get it now.

He's not heavy he's my exo........Huh????

The ringing mix up....God I so hoped that this was not some silly play on words and that it was instead really just a typo but alas. It's been on this site now for a week.

You know Quu, at one point you had suggested that you would give us the titles for all of our episodes before the game started. You just said you'd do it in german, that way we wouldn't have an advanced idea as to what was going on. My only question, is are these titles the actual german translations word for word? If so, go back to making them all german. I think they would sound so much better then this crap that's been coming out so far.

Now that I've gotten that off of my back some adjustments to this latest installment from Quu. Most of what he said was true, at least up to the point of where Gareth showed up. A few corrections about that particular exo combat however. First it was again Gareth, Belle, and James in the exo battle. I have no idea where Bo went to but I distinctly remember James needing some assistance during that fight. And we did not suffer heavy battle damage from that battle. James exo got shot up pretty good but that was it. And James' exo was ready for combat on our next mission anyway.

Something else that I would like to point out about Quu's game that really started to become very clear at this point. Almost every NPC we've ever encountered has been for the most part completely unhelpful (with a few noteworthy exceptions). The scientists that we rescued on this mission, initially thought we were there to kill them, so they attacked us. Then, they proceeded to provide us with next to no information as to why they had been kidnapped etc, etc..... One of the current themes in this game for quite some time has been the very rigid and structured method in which information flows to the PC's in the game. For the most part, information has been handed out to us on an almost need to know basis. Like, in the next two seconds that NPC that you just found out existed is about to unleash an anti-matter missle at you. Many attempts have been made to determine information about the game and the npc's in the game. Very often the PC's have often come up with nothing. I find it amazing that so many organizations in Quu's universe are able to stay so well hidden from everyone and everything. Even when specific information is already known about them.

But this is typical for the way that NPC's have been appearing in this game. Just wait till we get to the arcade incident....that's one for the books.

And now I feel I must once again defend myself against the growing hypocrisy that has been generated by the arguments of one MrBig42. I love that part in his response to me about how character assassination is the last resort of a poorly constructed argument. Then he proceeds to accuse me of insanity for the rest of his commentary. I also particularly enjoyed the part about him being the only impartial one in these journal entries. A lie that is so blatant and gross I will not even dignify it with a response.

The best part about his entire comment though was when he finally ran out of all the other bluster he had in him he had to resort to making fun of my name. This gave him yet another chance to distract the readers from the truth of what was really going on. Really, once again can he not even be a little more original then just ordinary name calling? Oh well, simple minds, simple pleasures.

I'll leave you today with but one warning gentle readers.....I wouldn't hold your breath if I were looking for the truth from MRBIG42. You know when you get over 40 years of age your memory is one of the first things that goes. And I would hate to hear of so many people suffocating from waiting for the truth from him. Later
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Ok, you short weak punk. It is about time you understood who is in charge here. Is it the sniveling little Goth boy who shivers in the corners cowering? No it is the magnificent NPC known as Paul. You can only hope to approach his greatness, and when you get close, he will smack you down, down to where you belong, among the worms and other player characters. Even Phoebe is more of a man than your character, and you know it.

Your attacks at the episode titles show your intrinsic insecurity in my intellectual dominance, which your only comfort is deplorable attempts at wit. If you could understand the transcending of the arrangement that the words symbolize, you would be enlightened, and able to comprehend my greatness. As it is, your insignificant comprehension shows, and encourages the pity of your peers. Since I am with out peer, I can only be elevated beyond your reach, and you should recognize this and grovel before me. If I did translate my luminous titles to German, it would only grant you a well-needed excuse not to appreciate the titles, instead of attempting to engage the miserable mental capacity you barely have.

What do you mean most of what I said is true. Gospel and prophecy come forth from my lips when I speak to the masses, pure wisdom and joy. If you do not understand such an obvious intricate plot as I have created, then you deserve to think my magnificent NPCs are unhelpful. It is just that the NPCs knew that you were beneath their notice, and not worth contempt. I have dolled forth heaps of information to the players, as I know I have been more than generous. It is evident that I have gone beyond your ability to deduce, and we all know that your comprehension skills cannot hope to grasp that which I laid before you, all but shoving your face in it like a misbehaving dog. I do not have to justify my self to your childish fears and immature insecurities, just because you cannot understand the dynamic world, and the organizations with in it.

I do disapprove of MrBig42s character assassinations. It would be nice if he had a proper target to assassinate, instead of the cookie cutter two-dimensional character that you insist on playing. It is such a pity, and a waste of his wonderful talents. Obviously if you would just emulate him, follow in his footstep, you would be a better person. It is obvious that you could not be original, or creative, in any way, so if you must, at least plagiarize your life from him.

Now I must stop this correction here. I have something far more important to deal with than correcting freripoffs errant posts.

Im making toast.
Quu, how nice to see that you are no longer a little green troll with a pointed stick. It is I, at last, the bringer of merriment, Jon. Where once there was nothing but an incomplete set of boring characters talking about boring financial pursuits in a boring "adventure" game there may now be pourpose and direction. While in this rather puny game I may play the character of "Bo the relatively business-minded and shrewd Ctrl" I swear that in this arena I am no man's hero or friend. Here I am the psychologist of our rather awkward band of anti-heroes and I am amused by what I am learning about my fellow geeks. My only lament thus far is that as team psychologist I may not legally prescribe drugs; we would need a team psychiatrist for that.
Here before us is the entirety of the map of our friend Quu's brain. The unusual texture of this odd universe in a way represents the "world" of Quu's mind; that is to say that this is how the world would be if Q were to re-create it. The Outlaw Star hybrid world of cat women, spidermechs and supabaddass arcade employees is as much a representation of q's psyche as Mr. Big's double layered fantasy land was of his. Notice that Frerico's world is very small and contains very few active citizens. That is an issue to be addressed later.
I would rather not bore you with further details, I am certain that you understand. Suffice to say that our characters are visitors in the vast cold empty void of space that is q's mind and we are rather unwelcome. When one of us insults Q's game, we in a way insult q's mind and all that he holds dear.

This is why it is so fun for us to do.

Forgive us then, dear GM if we seem to not give pause and appreciate the details of your world that you work so hard to provide. We are often too busy trying to trudge our ways through slow plotlines that usually end up going nowhere, gather information that simply will not be allowed us no matter how cleverly we seek it or fighting villains who were raised from childhood to have advantages that nullify our most creative approaches to situations and who know of our best laid plans as soon as we make them. We are almost always too busy discussing money matters, profit margins, and investments.
Someday our rather depressed group of sad and lonely adventurers will come upon someone who is not a spy for our enemies who will be willing to talk to us as though we mattered in some way and actually be friendly to us. This person may actually have a personality. I can only assume that Goth will shoot that person immediately. We have no pourpose, no direction. Most of all we have no reason to care. Goth has never cared about anyone or anything in his life. Jimbo just sinks further into his computers, looking for something to fill the void in his life, avoiding his teammates and society in general. Even Belle's "training sessions" or cat-and-mouse chases fail to bring joy to us now. Our group needs a morale boost, and not the kind that victory in battle provides.
This is why Bo Hajime gives Jim presents. This is why Bo makes sure that deceased teammates receive proper funerals. This is why Bo pretends to be a ditzy little kitty-cat girl and sometimes does silly things to make herself the butt of jokes. This is why she takes the girls out dancing on special nights and has been known to sacrifice her body and periodically ease the pain of some of her poor lonely soldiers at night. This is why Bo became a medical doctor. This is why Bo bakes her special pepper brownies for her precious Boomers. Really, what would we do without Bo Hajime?


This concludes commentary by the team psychologist. We hope to hear from the team proctologist, should Tom ever decide to make an entry.
It appears that the dreaded foot pecker has a soft underbelly. I needs must run away ere I again rile him to anger. Fore then there will be more pecking at my feet... hard pecking.

Well, dear viewers, it seems that I am forced, once again, to comment on entries made into this journal. Would that the others (soft spoken and spineless as they are) were so diligent in their efforts for truth and accuracy. Forced to carry this burden alone, I will attempt to battle some of the more egregious trespasses of the latest entries.

Let us look at the present entry and its allegations of name calling. In my comments, I have been careful not to use offensive language or rude names. I mean, let's face it. When someone refers to himself as frerico, you don't have to come up with derogatory names to call him, its a gimme.

Now as to the allegations of character assassination, first, I would like to point out that I reinforced my argument before changing the subject. Secondly, when a dog is rabid, shooting it is considered a mercy killing, not assassination.

Finally, I can not pass up commenting on the rant by Quu. I can understand the strategy of fighting fire with fire, but the inane and senseless blather that he had to engage in to reach the level of frerico must have been a hellish quest to undergo. Oh sure, he said some surgary sweet things about me, but I know that the best way to poison a cat is to put out sweet smelling anti-freeze in an easy to reach bowl (not that I poison cats, mind you. It's the rabid dogs that I have a problem with).

All right, faithful viewers, now I must leave you to the tender mercies of the other commentators, but do not fear. Soon, I will return and again set the record straight. Until then, suspend any desire, no matter how tempting, to put faith in the rantings of the lunatics.
I see that I can no longer afford to passively observe this lunacy. Really, to whom do all of you think you are defending yourselves-would anyone be so lame as to waste time reading a journal about someone else's game? We are the only interested parties, that is, if you can still consider some of us to be interested at all.
Why, dearest yoshiblue, it has been revealed to me that a certain lovely young lady has taken to reading the journal. A young lady that ,I understand, you might have the privilege to know. This is the loyal viewer to whom I speak, and I will not allow you to impune her.
Oh, it is so sad.

All this time, how could I have been so wrong. All along, I never thought, I mean how could anyone who could misspell tongue (toung) and demonstrate (demonstraight) possibly be smarter than me. But all this time, like a clever weasel, he masked himself. Now, finally, I see that I have angered him to the point of bringing his full intellectual power against me. And I am humbled. And I am frightened. How could I have been so blind all along? If only I had known that Quu was so much my superior, then perhaps I could have spent some time groveling at his feet, earning his favor. Now I fear I am forever condemned to this sad little world of mine.

All along, this miserable filthy alley that I called my world. My Hubris, my ego, my folly. So sure of myself when really my alley was nothing more than that. A little worthless, insignificant alley in a world that so rightly belonged to such a powerful and intellectual and so obviously superior being. So foolish. So proud.

Along I went, certain that his little plots and little ideas were the idle rantings of mad man. If only I had been able to comprehend. If only I could have been illuminated. If only I could have been made to understand the transcendence of the arrangements that the words symbolize....or was it the transcending arrangements that the words symbolize? Oh foolish boy. Why do I even try to quote such a great man. I can't even get the grammar of his speech correct.

But, I must digress on a point that has recently come to my attention. I find it rather strange. This journal, was originally suppossed to be a place for people to talk about the game itself. A place where log entries about the gaming nights could be entered and discussion could be had about the various goings-ons of the game. And now, it seems that it's just digressed into this tromping ground for over-sized egos. I wonder how it got this way. I wonder how it got this bad. Surely it wasn't because someone was diabolically plotting the degradation of this journal all along. And surely, someone didn't unknownly use and manipulate others into performing deeds that would bring it this low. Yeah, of course not. No one could be that diabolical and evil. That would just be wrong. Well, I've got to go set up my shrine to the all powerful all great Quu now. Later

Jon I don't like you saying that Goth(Fred) would shoot the new friend first. You all know that if I was playing and true to my form he would be dead long before Goth would get a shot. There I fell better now.
Hey brad.... did i miss anything with your charicter?
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