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Into the breach (Part one)

(OK... as a reference, Frederick was to good to join us this session... actually if I remember right he did have a pressing matter, and I am only ribbing him... but this session may seam a bit... strange, but that is because he was not able to make it... he plays Goth)

The Boomer headed out from the tender at the pre determined spot. The group decides that one of them will go to a location, and secure it, while the rest will engage the ships, hijack them and jump to that predetermined location. From their they will move to the place they were supposed to meet the tender at. Goth is decided to go alone to the spot, and will secure it. The rest of the group begins heading out to catch the ships.

Race, Jimbo, Belle, and Bo all have about 3 days of travel, inside of their exo a head of them before they get with in the area the ships are expected, and come up with some things to pass the time. The most popular was a "Doom" like clone that they could use the ships computers to run. Otherwise it is a dark, long trip, in a small area. (They did pack extra food and stuff specifically for this trip).

at the end of the third day, they begin scanning the area for signs of the group of ships. Eventually on the fourth day they are able to find a trace of some ships, and head towards them. Now in all honesty... I had planned on this long pitched battle here... where they would rush in, fight off the escort, and basically have a huge fight. But since Goth was not here, they actually came up with a better plan, that I had not thought of.

The three ships were guarded by two gunboats. Basically corvette sized capitol ships, filled with lots of weapons... nasty things really. In a pitched battle, it would require lots of PC aura, and luck, to beat them. I had balanced the odds slightly out of the players favor... so that it was not un beat able... but would have required maximum effort. And the players were one exo short (Frederick in Goth)... in other words they were near fucked... but not hopeless... That was my original plan.

That there plan consisted of was Jimbo, since his exo has some basic stealth capabilities, to remain active, while the rest of the exo's completely shut down (totally... they where in the dark until a pre arranged time). Jimbo was going to hack into the three ships they cared about, and prep them for a jump, and jump just after the exos attached them selves to the ships closets. It was actually a brilliant snatch and run technique, but it all hinged on Jimbo's abilities with computers, and the fact that his computer could still be on and active while the gun ships scanned the area (stealth is a wonderful thing). It was brilliant... and there was nothing I could do to stop it with out pulling some cheese.

Jimbo ran the numbers through the computer, and synched everybody up... they would all match velocities, and go silent until 2 rounds (60 seconds) before the contacted the ships... at that point all of them would power up... attempt to dazzle the gun ships, Jimbo would take over the computers the first round, then jump the ships two rounds after that (it takes 60 seconds to jump those ships at there velocity). So if everything worked perfectly they would engage the enemy for two rounds, and hold up the third... that was the plan... all it would take would be one very perceptive person on the gun boats to notice them, and they wouldn't even know it until it was to late... kind of an all or nothing type setup... and they already know I would let them live or die by the dice..... plus tom was never really know for his luck with rolls... but they stuck with it. (I really really tried making them think it was a bad idea... planting seeds of doubt in their head... after all... if it worked... they would bypass such a good combat!!!... but alas, they trusted Tom)

They drifted.... and I ran a couple sensor checks against Jimbo's stealth... he was not detected on any of them... I also rolled a couple times, to see if someone looking out of a window would notice something... it was a long shot... but I could have rolled double eights... nope... everything went smoothly... though I think I made them a bit nervous (good!). One turn before the approved time, Jimbo turns on the ECM and fills the area with a massive amount of static and white noise.

The pre approved time hits, and the other Exo's activate, and begin burning at full speed toward the ships, taking shots at the gun ships to confuse them... and it was working. Jimbo starts hacking into the prize ships, and spends lots of experience to do so... he is able to break in, and begins the jump sequence. On the second turn, the rest of the group has to begin dodging fire from the gun boats, as they are now in visual range. this is where things started getting difficult for them. Jimbo, while still dodging, cracks the computers again to open the closet doors so that the exos have a place to go. On the third turn, the gun boats begin firing on the prize ships... but carefully, since they want the prize also. They also attempt to begin to jump, but are delayed, and with the amount of ECM in the area, are unable to get a good sensor lock on the prize ships, so can not be sure where they are jumping to. One of the gun boats is able to disable the engine (main engine, not jump engine) of one of the ships, cutting its movement in two. the Boomers drops into the ships, Belle on the first one, Bo and Jimbo on the second, and Race on the third. the doors close, just as the ships jump...

The episode ended there.
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