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In the second episode, the group arrived at the cargo ship that they were contracted to protect. Each had their own exo, which was one of the many gracious concessions I made to the players. Anyway, they arrived on the ship, and was wondering who the main security officer was going to be. who ever it was, that person was going to be their boss, so they started making jokes, saying that person will be as ugly as an ox, and twice as dumb.

Bo, Belle's sister was their security officer. She was contracted to lead who ever the captain hired to protect it.

The company they were working for was Picto Shipping, and they were hired to simply protect the cargo ship from brigand or pirate attack. In the contract, the Captain was able to hire them for a very cheap rate, by including a salvage clause in the contract. Basically any salvage that is found along the trip, from disabled exo's during combat, to whatever, would belong to the security detail. The captain rarely ever came across salvage, so it was a wonderful way for him to screw the players out of some money.

The players learned that Captain Jacobson was a cheap bastard, and was only interested in money. During the trip, the players were bored, and required to stay in the hanger area, and the quarters set aside for them, life support was cut out from the other areas to save money.

Cabin fever over took the players in different ways. Belle and Goth started fighting, and started the grand tradition of Belle and Goth fighting. During the fights, Goth would try for blood.... after so many fights, he wanted that overgrown tabby cat dead... Goth at one point broke off a table leg, and sharpened it, to use as a weapon... It was an interesting in game joke as he would keep it around. It was fun the fights between the two, which normally began with Belle randomly attacking Goth, Goth trying to kill Belle, and ending with Goth being rendered impotent in combat (different ways... being knocked out, what ever... always losing the fight). Race and Bo went off to the private room to get to know each other better, since Race had set him self up as the leader of the group of four players. I guess Bo was always the gold digger. Bo tried to entice Jimbo, to gain control of him, but after Jimbo locked her away, since his flaw, she concentrated on Race. Jimbo entertained him self with hacking into the computer of the ship and messing with stuff.... which lead to an interesting discovery.

Jimbo told Bo about his discovery of anomalies in the cargo manifest. She decided to investigate it with Jimbo, and asks him to keep it a secret from the rest, until they know what they are dealing with.

Belle and Goth fight some more... Race tries to talk to the bridge crew and is ignored.

Bo and Jimbo sneak into the cargo area, and Jimbo cracks the code on the first sealed container. Inside he finds some very nasty weapons of mass destruction, and some other things that he decides not to check into. Upon closing the container, both him and Bo decide that it is best if they never saw what they just saw, go back, and don't tell the rest of the team what they saw. Nothing happened.

Back to the daily grind. Bo and Race get back to it, and Bo is pretty sure that she has Race under her control, Race is sure that everybody does what he says, Belle and Goth fight some more, and Jimbo begins tracking and researching the company they are working for on the computer.

The Episode ended with the ship stopping and moving into a debris field, and 3 cruisers approaching, as the players prepare to fight the cruisers.

Bo Hajime was introduced this episode. She is the Twin sister (actually there is many brothers and sisters to Bo and Belle, since they were born in a litter), who likes explosives. Bo does not have a bounty on her head, like her sister, but has a reputation for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and for blowing that place up.
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