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the characters, in the beginning

Now I begin the recap... I have missed a lot... but this is how it started....
The game started with 4 characters... in a bar.... gee... how original...

the characters were!

Brad - Raistlin Medier
The character was a mediocre exo pilot, and a mediocre fighter. What Race (nick name) had was a lot of business skills, and non combat skills. A very different character from what Brad normally plays... but fun. The main thing I remember is his photographic memory... which lead to an interesting opening.....

Frederick - Gareth (last name forgotten)
A god inside his exo... quite a bit less outside of his exo. Goth (nickname) is paranoid, and moody. He is over confidant, and a loner. He is also hunted by a secret organization, because he is a failed genetic super soldier... He has almost no non combat skills, but won't admit to it, being overconfident has its draw backs... doesn't trust anybody and tries to kill the catarl catarl many times... I stress tries... they are better than him.

Tom - James E Nigma
He is a telemechanic (yes... psychic... even thought I told him it was a major GM screw and not worth the points...), and a tech head... computer geek. average in combat, he can hold his own against normal enemy's, but works best as a support for a team. He was found by his "father" (adopted) adrift in space in a capsule.... his father was killed by pirates... now he has a grudge. He started the game with an interesting flaw, he had a fear of women... he would burst into nose bleeds and such... it was not an actuall phobia... but an extream of the anime geek dealing with sexuality.

David - Belle Hajime
She is ... a catarl catarl... and a violent one. She enjoys bar fights, physical confrontation, and is incredible in hand to hand combat. Inside of an exo she is a very agile pilot, but mediocre as a gunner... but that is ok... that is what a gunnery computer is for. She is hunted through out catarl catarl space, due to a small infraction called the Hajime massacre. big political mess....

other characters joined later - I will describe them when we get to them....
John - Bo Hajime
Daric - Gwendolen/Phoebe Domino
Mike - Boerigard Silche

but the first four... started in a bar fight... When Belle "accidentally" pushed Goth into Race. Race decides to memorize Bell's face... staring at it to burn it into his mind for later... She decides to deck him.... he memorizes the shape of her fist as he goes unconscious....

the fight was grand....

that was the first episode... as the characters introduce them selves... and try to get away from the police....

after escaping... they decided to get a job... and since 4 people together can negotiate better than 4 individual, they work together to get a job guarding a cargo ship....

end of episode (I think... it has been a while)
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