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The Boomers' Journal
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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
12:26 pm


I created a community for it... never mind
12:17 pm
I am going to start some idea threads about a story called Delilah.

Fredrick, one of the people in the boomers game, used to also run a super hero game... based on the marvel card rpg system. it was set in the far future... and i played a fire manipulator called Delilah.

It was a fun game, and I am going to try a story based on the Char... kind of a reboot if you will. Same idea... except she would be the focus of the story, and the rest of the players are being replaced.
Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
12:27 pm
Signing off.
I'm dropping this group, since quu's game is over, and removing the icons I used to post here.

It's been fun... don't be a stranger, y'all.
Tuesday, June 26th, 2001
3:20 pm
Friday, May 4th, 2001
5:37 pm
Character Journal - May 2, 2001
Our mission commander had me set a course out of Federation space. She chose an unexpected path that added nearly a day to the time needed to reach free space again, but all we encountered on the way was a line of perimeter defense scanning posts.

The guys all got together to interrogate the traitor. It might have been fun to watch, but too much male bonding can get annoying so I sat it out. Bow sat in on it I think, and they got quite a bit of information out of him it seems. The team is in pretty high spirits.

[ooc: I couldn't keep up, I leave it to someone else to comment on the information learned.]

The Captain and his crew have recovered from the biological weapon, and so ends my first command. We're back on course, and the ship is intact, so I think I did a reasonable job. Still, it's good to be back in an exo-armor again.

Upon entering our destination system, we found the planet blockaded, which we've challenged. They sent out a squad of eight small fighters and two large fighters to stop us. It took us less than 3 minutes to clean them up, and it feels good to be squarely on the right side of things again.

Now we see they've detached two gun ships and a small carrier from the blockade to try to do what their fighters couldn't.

This should be fun.

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, April 19th, 2001
10:28 am
Character Journal - April 19, 2001
Its been three days now, and weve made an astonishing discovery. Weve been had. It all started when we found James in a severe state of shock.

The sensor operator of the freighter, Judas, has been falsifying his reports. Turns out he is a member of the Blue Ninjas (the Boomers name for them, not their own) and that he has been leading us deep into Federation-controlled space.

When his plan was discovered, he released a biological agent into the ships ventilation system. We were very lucky, as I had been ordered to make a check of the ships cargo, when we discovered the course deviation and found some of the agent missing. The inoculation was in the hold as well, and Bow, our medic, administered it to our team.

The crew succumbed quickly, being rendered unconscious by the disease. That, and our navigator was found shot execution style. Judas barricaded himself on the bridge, and we had to cut our way in. Bell took him out with a concussion grenade before he had a chance to communicate with his comrades.

Then it gets ugly. Three days into Federation space we set a course to take us back to neutral territory by the most direct route. Its not long before we discover were being followed.

It all happened so suddenly, and I wish I could remember all the details because it may be very important some day. We didnt have a positive ID on them, and it was just us five. With defense of our charge as our most important priority, we arranged to deploy in force and fire warning shots.

Gareth fired first, and while his shot was in progress (revealing the fact that we knew the heavily stealthed ship was there) we popped all the exo-armor closets and immediately fired our own warnings. Nothing discourages a casual pursuer like a display of firepower.

I cant believe what happened. Gareth got a lucky shot, and then both Beauregard and I hit as well. It was astonishing. The scout started to flee, and we had no identification or information or anything.

We had to pursue. If they were in league with Judas, it could be devastating if they returned to their base. And pursue we did, in force. Gareth, Bow and I burned for the scout under maximum thrust. I made a pass along the hull as I got there first, then we all tore into them. It was obscene, like shooting fish in a barrel. My closing shot must have decimated the power grid in the central hull as they lost main power.

That was when they contacted us. Someone on the bridge wanted to discuss terms of surrender. My jaw dropped when Gareth took another shot.

Those poor men! They identified themselves as Federation. They were just a boarder patrol, doing their job. They were sincere, and they didnt even try to dodge Gareths shot. He blew the upper hull to pieces. There were no survivors. I dont know how many people we killed.

The lower hull retained integrity and thankfully they had communications. They immediately radioed their unconditional surrender. We took them aboard the freighter and secured them in the converted cargo hold we now call our brig. The remains of their vessel we strapped to our hull, and were back on course for a best-time exit from Federation space.

Im still shaking. What have we done? Weve destroyed a boarder patrol in Federation space. Not only that, but all the events of the past three days have taken place within Federation boarders. They had every right to stop and search our vessel. Were cold-blooded killers!

Im sitting on the bridge of our freighter. We havent woken the Captain yet; he might have been working in cooperation with Judas, and we still need to finish Judas interrogation. Im sitting as acting Captain and all I can think is, "This isnt what Im here for. I dont know what to do. What is going to happen to us?" Gwen, Im so sorry.

Current Mood: numb
Thursday, April 12th, 2001
8:12 pm
as a bonus....

the first player who figures out how to read
"Slack Reel Media" tape (yes that is a computer term) will get a free attribute bonus... which does not count towards your limit of 3 increases.

I doubt any of you will figure it out... but I am getting desperate.

Your Clue
"Slack reel tape drive capable of extracting compressed files with a 35 terabytes read/write capacity and Sidis decoding"
Tuesday, April 10th, 2001
6:26 pm
As a reference
Brain Worms was something from a previous RPG game
Thursday, April 5th, 2001
4:12 pm
Character Journal - April 4, 2001
It is my first run with "The Boomers". This is the little mercenary group that my Aunt Gwen set me up with when I left the exposition squad.

We're escorting a cargo vessel across unclaimed space, skirting some pirate-controlled areas. Our first incident occurred three days out.

The details are not very clear to me now, but it seems this group has made enemies in very high places, specifically the Federation's Special Operations Brigade. Four torpedoes at extreme range attached us. I'd almost have missed them if something didn't make my skin crawl while I was on sensor patrol. I asked the team's resident tech-head to pop out in his exo-armor for a look-see and sure enough, he spotted them inbound with about 2 minutes warning.

We scrambled the team and succeeded in picking them off before they closed with the transport, but then discovered some fascinating debris.

It had struck me as odd that nobody followed up such an initial strike. I chalked it up to the fact that they didn't score one hit even with a good degree of surprise, but it turned out that something totally destroyed the attacking Fed S.O.B. vessel. We're largely guessing here, but the prevailing theory is that it just disassociated itself. James, the tech-head I told you about, spotted another vessel fleeing at the edges of his sensor envelope, just before it jumped. I fed the telemetry through my computer and it seemed to be heading into pirate space.

Not just that, but the particular pirate space was controlled by a clan that James holds responsible for the death of his father. Of course, since we're escorting a freighter, pursuit was never a consideration, and we continued on our way.

6 days later a Federation corvette intercepted us. They demanded we permit an inspection party to board our vessel, as it seemed we were heading into a conflict area they had an interest in. Still, since we were in uncontrolled space, our Captain decided he had no reason to recognise their authority, and it fell to us to convince the Feds to see things his way.

Now I've been in some battles, but this was really something... these guys know how to fly. The seven Federation fighters launched against us were dropping missiles like grains of sand, sticking more than a dozen to each of us, and a couple times over for some of us. Everyone was out there dodging like crazy, and taking controlled hits wherever we could. By the time it was all over, only our mission commander had taken a hit at all. And she only took one and it wasn't any kind of serious damage. I'm sure James will have it all patched up in no time.

The fighters were turning from what looked like a rout when it was noticed that a troop transport was engaging our freighter. Bow and Gareth, having been sent back first, discovered it and James and I were ordered back. They were so close, having snuck in while we were occupied with the fighters, and suddenly, Gareth and Bow lined up for a shot. Gareth has some kind of combination gun that just plowed into the main hull. I don't know what he hit, but something must have cascaded; the whole troop transport exploded with no survivors. No salvage either though.

The three remaining fighters had had enough, and as Bell slashed through another, I radioed for the corvettes surrender. They ignored us and jumped. James asked the two remaining fighter pilots to eject to signal their surrender. It was a good thing they did... Bell didn't look like she wanted to let them go, even though their home base had made the jump without them.

I got a good parting shot off against the corvette, but nothing was going to stop them. At the end we were left to collect the surrendered pilots and tow the two captured exo-armors back to the freighter. They were undamaged, and I hope the salvage on them makes the trip worthwhile.

Some team though. No congratulations on my flying, no nothing. I don't know whats with these people. They are disrespectful, violent and antagonistic. Sometimes they are even downright vulgar. I'm back to sulking, again.

It's going to be a long trip.

Current Mood: unappreciated
Saturday, March 31st, 2001
5:29 pm
A suggestion for future episode titles
Into the Light (Part two)? What happened to part one???

Into the Breach (Part one)??? Ohhhh...I get it now.

He's not heavy he's my exo........Huh????

The ringing mix up....God I so hoped that this was not some silly play on words and that it was instead really just a typo but alas. It's been on this site now for a week.

You know Quu, at one point you had suggested that you would give us the titles for all of our episodes before the game started. You just said you'd do it in german, that way we wouldn't have an advanced idea as to what was going on. My only question, is are these titles the actual german translations word for word? If so, go back to making them all german. I think they would sound so much better then this crap that's been coming out so far.

Now that I've gotten that off of my back some adjustments to this latest installment from Quu. Most of what he said was true, at least up to the point of where Gareth showed up. A few corrections about that particular exo combat however. First it was again Gareth, Belle, and James in the exo battle. I have no idea where Bo went to but I distinctly remember James needing some assistance during that fight. And we did not suffer heavy battle damage from that battle. James exo got shot up pretty good but that was it. And James' exo was ready for combat on our next mission anyway.

Something else that I would like to point out about Quu's game that really started to become very clear at this point. Almost every NPC we've ever encountered has been for the most part completely unhelpful (with a few noteworthy exceptions). The scientists that we rescued on this mission, initially thought we were there to kill them, so they attacked us. Then, they proceeded to provide us with next to no information as to why they had been kidnapped etc, etc..... One of the current themes in this game for quite some time has been the very rigid and structured method in which information flows to the PC's in the game. For the most part, information has been handed out to us on an almost need to know basis. Like, in the next two seconds that NPC that you just found out existed is about to unleash an anti-matter missle at you. Many attempts have been made to determine information about the game and the npc's in the game. Very often the PC's have often come up with nothing. I find it amazing that so many organizations in Quu's universe are able to stay so well hidden from everyone and everything. Even when specific information is already known about them.

But this is typical for the way that NPC's have been appearing in this game. Just wait till we get to the arcade incident....that's one for the books.

And now I feel I must once again defend myself against the growing hypocrisy that has been generated by the arguments of one MrBig42. I love that part in his response to me about how character assassination is the last resort of a poorly constructed argument. Then he proceeds to accuse me of insanity for the rest of his commentary. I also particularly enjoyed the part about him being the only impartial one in these journal entries. A lie that is so blatant and gross I will not even dignify it with a response.

The best part about his entire comment though was when he finally ran out of all the other bluster he had in him he had to resort to making fun of my name. This gave him yet another chance to distract the readers from the truth of what was really going on. Really, once again can he not even be a little more original then just ordinary name calling? Oh well, simple minds, simple pleasures.

I'll leave you today with but one warning gentle readers.....I wouldn't hold your breath if I were looking for the truth from MRBIG42. You know when you get over 40 years of age your memory is one of the first things that goes. And I would hate to hear of so many people suffocating from waiting for the truth from him. Later
Tuesday, March 27th, 2001
8:49 pm
Into the light (Part two)
(As a reference, Brad was not able to make it to this game, and Frerico (the player of Goth) was going to arrive very late)

The ships jumped...

Inside the bridge of the lead gunboat, there was a bit of confusion... the captain asked the sensor officer, if they had a lock, dear god please let them have a lock. I rolled his sensor skill...
"Negative sir, we lost them, they jammed all of our sensors"
ARGGGGGG their plan worked. O well... it was cool.

The captain then requested all combat data, recordings and telemetry to be archived, then the originals destroyed. He was going to have to explain... and wanted to give something to save his hide.

then opening credits rolled. (I forget what they were)

On this ships, I switched off between the different groups. There was Race in one ship, Bo and Jimbo in another, and Belle in the third. They had to take the ship, normally by going to the bridge. Before disembarking, Jimbo locked down the computers on all the ships, so that while they were securing the personal inside, the crew could not pilot the ships anywhere. Basically locking the computers totally.

Belle began with the easiest of the two groups (I ran Race off screen, since the player was not here). She began progressing through the corridors, and stunned two of the technicians she came across. She accidentally went the long way to the bridge, and along her way, found something nasty. When coming around one corner, she came across a man pointing a very large gun at her. This man was obviously not a simple "techy" like the ones she had pounced, and she had to dodge, as a stream of electricity pours out from this gun, and traced all along the corridor. She ducked back behind the corner very quickly, bare making her roll... very close. She had a maser on her, and took a pot shot from around the corner at him, but was amazed when it did not effect him, and dodged like crazy again as he started to blister the wall in that area. He began cursing at her is french... about all she could make out was "pussy cat". As a GM the gun that the merc was wielding was a lightning gun, and had a backpack that the user wears. The backpack has a EM shield that protects the wielder from the side effects of being that close to the electricity, and has a wonderful side effect of blocking maser fire. The gun was such that even at half power (IE saturating the area but still missing does half damage to everything) it would have caused a heart attack.

On Bo and Jimbo's ship they were met with a bit more formalize resistance right away. Bo and Jimbo were met at the airlock door by some people with a couple small ams. Pistols if I remember right. Bo solved it her way, she took a concussion grenade and set it off. Jimbo was still in his flight suit which afforded him some protection. Bo was also, but being point blank of the blast she was knocked out. The two crew members, were wearing normal clothes and were knocked out. Since Bo was wearing a flight suit (they got armored flight suits... are they not paranoid or what!) she was not knocked out for long. He brought her into one of the side rooms until she recovered. In another of the side rooms, they found an old man, who was pointing a gun at them. Bo jumped him, subdued him, then beat him some more... and some more... They decided to use this room to store the people, and went back for the two unconscious people at the air lock. As they progressed, they came across another person holed up, it was a woman, mid thirties. She scream at them, calling them pirates, and tried to defend her self. Bo jumped her, subdued her, and beat her some more... and then put her in the room with the others... Jimbo by this time has fixed it such that they could not unlock the door from the inside, and they moved forward as a team.

On Belle's side, she was getting a bit tired of this cat and mouse game, considering she was supposed to be the cat! She also knew that if she did not get past him quickly, some other crew members would come around behind her. She decided to throw her helmet against the far wall, and tear around the corner and charge him... she pulled out her stun stick (the team had tooled up with non leather and non slug weapons before the trip), and readied her self. She threw the helmet across, and charged. I wish to say that the player spent a lot of experience to dodge the first attack, and then spent it like water on her initiative check on the next round... it paid off, but she came ever so close to being fried. The confrontation ended with Belle sticking the stun stick down the mans through and knocking him out cold. She super glued his feet to the ceiling of a side room (she had hit a supply area before getting here) and continued to the bridge. There was a cluster of crew at the bridge, but... she took them out with out much trouble. She gathered up all of the unconscious people and put them in the same room with the merc on the ceiling and headed to the bridge.

Jimbo and Bo got into trouble. The group on the bridge had holed them selves up very well, and Bo charged in. Something no note, the crew had some slug throwers, and were shooting at Bo and at Jimbo, and missing a lot of times. But when inside the bridge, the bullets hit something, and by the end of the combat, they had taken down the crew, but the bridge was shot to shit. Jimbo was able to use his Exo's computer to run the sensors on the ship, and tried to contact the bridges of the other two ships. Belle answered on her ship, and they arranged for Belle to head over to the central ship, and figure out what to do. They are finally able to contact the bridge of Race's ship, and they find that Race has not taken over that ship, in fact they can see him tied up in the background. I do stress that Race is not very good in hand to hand combat, or any kind of personal combat. The crew of the first ship begin negotiating with Bo, when suddenly communication is cut off. Approximately ten seconds later the ship that they are in is rocked by something. Jimbo immediately goes after the sensors again, and shows everybody the scene of the fireball that used to be ship one. He then tracks a missile as it heads to ship three, and it explodes with an antimatter explosion. Antimatter weapons are a "bad thing" and in game terms I treat them as disintegration weapons. Using a bit of trajectory tracking, Jimbo is able to detect a ship, that is stealthed and closing. Jimbo gets a drive signature of the ship for later comparison. They know that the ship closing is huge, and able to fire anti-matter warhead missiles.... they decide to run. Jimbo is sent to the engine room, since the bridge is all fucked up. While he begins activating the systems he is told over the intercom that the ship just fired again, and he has 30 seconds to jump, or they are dead. Jimbo knows for a fact he need another thirty second before the engine will come online... then another minute to jump.... so he pushes at something... he is not sure what, but he feels with his mind... and pushes... pushes with all of his being, at moving... I ask the player to make a Telemechanics check... at an incredibly high difficulty number, and he makes it (with lots of experience spent)... and they simply jump.

The scene from the outside is the ship shifting... almost a color separation... and then the ship is gone, the missile goes right through the spot were they were.

Back with the boomers, you see Goth in space, near a debris field. this was supposed to be the arranged meeting spot, and he is waiting.

Suddenly the ship arrives.... In a opposite effect of what it warped out as... as a color shifted version of the ship suddenly focuses in near Goth. We then pan to the inside of the ship, as it is empty, starting in the bridge, and traveling back through the corridors to the engine room... and inside the engine room. Inside the engine room is the only occupant we have seen. Floating in the zero gravity, curled up in the center of the room is the body of Jimbo. The room has a slight scorched feel to it, as many of the corners and panels have a slight blackening to them. Jimbo is naked in the center of the room, with no hair or clothes, but is curled in the fetal position. It appears that his hair and clothes burned off of him, and he is slightly burned.

the camera then pulls back in the ship, as people start coming into focus, in the same way that the ship entered. They all appear at the same time, but the only ones conscious are Bo and Belle, and the both of them get sick and race to the bathroom their faces green.

Goth moves to dock his Exo into the ship, and comes across Bo. Belle had headed to the engine room, and came across Jimbo. She finds some spare clothes and brings him to the main area. he is still out. They tell Goth what happened, thought they don't explain the strange jumping, since nobody knows what happened there... it is just not mentioned. They rest for a bit, and watch what the groups of people who they captured. They are able to tell that two of the people that Bo beat severely and one of the ones from the bridge were the scientists they were after, and they think they were captured by pirates. The they comment that the older one is hurt really bad.

The console that Jimbo setup (routing his Exo's computer to control this ship) goes off, telling them that someone was scanning the area, and that they had just been picked up on long range sensors. It had taken them a little while, but they were found again. They decide to pull into the debris field and try to hide, since it will take a little while before they can jump.

Once they pull into the debris field, they wait.... and get in their exos to get ready for the people that are sent in afterwards. The super carrier that shot the anti-matter missiles was to large to navigate inside this field, so it would have to go to exo vs exo combat.

and soon, a group of four Exo spot the ship. At the time there was only Goth, Bo, and Belle in Exos... since Jimbo had not woken up yet. The combat is very harsh, since they are fighting some veteran combat exo pilots, and it teeters a couple times, but in the end, the team tried a combined attack, and took out the enemy exos by concentrating all of their firepower on one at a time. But they paid a heavy price. The boomers exos were all heavily damaged in the fight, and would not survive another.

The carrier did not know the status of the Boomer's exo's... so assumed the worst (for them)... all they knew is that there exploratory team was taken out. So they setup a dragnet of sensors around the field, such that as soon as anybody leaves the field, they would know and could hunt them down.

Once back in the ship, Jimbo finally wakes up.... and they figure out a way to escape. Jimbo will use his computer to find a relatively safe part of the debris, and plot the course that the ship could take, such that the 60 second of pre warp movement could happen inside the debris field, and the actual jump, were it is safe... if they attempted to jump while still in the field, the chance was high that they would impact into something and cease to exist.

they set it up, and it works... they leave the field, just as they jump, and thanks to interference of the debris, they are sure that the carrier was unable to get a sensor fix on there jump...

they arrive back into normal space....
and begin heading to the meeting place of the tender...
11:54 am
The inferno that is my ego rages on
Well hello boys and girls,

I see that my rhetoric has stirred some of the other gamers to action. It's too bad everything that MRbig says is a complete and total LIE!!!! Remember folks, he's the quiet manipulator of the group. He'll say anything...it even says that in his bio! Read his bio for the love of god, you'll see. You'll see him for what he really is. Nice job on that bio though......I think it's pretty accurate. And what good prose (sp?) too. Neither a gerund nor a participle misused.

And you know....while we're on the subject of egos, should anyone named MrBig really be going around and chastising people for being too egotistical??? I didn't think so.

And now for bruised egos, you know Quu I really gotta tell you....I don't know what to say. I mean, if I had known that my words were going to upset you so, I'd have never had said those mean things about you. Depeche Mode really isn't that bad of a band. I mean, you're my friend after all and it's very important to me that I make sure that you understand that I'm aware of your feelings and I would never do anything to jeopardize our friendship......

YEAH RIGHT!!!!! Oh my god you big sensitive baby! If I had known that me just making a few snide comments was going to upset you soooooo much then I would have done it a long time ago!!!! I warned you bad things might happen if you started this journal and now that you have it's too late! (insert maniacal laughter here) Now you're going to have to deal with me pecking at your feet every step of the way. And I peck hard. So prepare yourself.

Sigh....man that felt good....well I see that I have digressed from the whole story editing bit, but that's okay. I wasn't there that night for that particular game anyway. Oh and one more thing. This time in all seriousness. Quu, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop using my real name in your journal entries. I do not consider this the appropriate place for it. Besides, you keep spelling it wrong anyway. Okay guys, that's it for me now. Bring your fire extinguishers next time.....

Friday, March 23rd, 2001
7:20 pm
Into the breach (Part one)
(OK... as a reference, Frederick was to good to join us this session... actually if I remember right he did have a pressing matter, and I am only ribbing him... but this session may seam a bit... strange, but that is because he was not able to make it... he plays Goth)

The Boomer headed out from the tender at the pre determined spot. The group decides that one of them will go to a location, and secure it, while the rest will engage the ships, hijack them and jump to that predetermined location. From their they will move to the place they were supposed to meet the tender at. Goth is decided to go alone to the spot, and will secure it. The rest of the group begins heading out to catch the ships.

Race, Jimbo, Belle, and Bo all have about 3 days of travel, inside of their exo a head of them before they get with in the area the ships are expected, and come up with some things to pass the time. The most popular was a "Doom" like clone that they could use the ships computers to run. Otherwise it is a dark, long trip, in a small area. (They did pack extra food and stuff specifically for this trip).

at the end of the third day, they begin scanning the area for signs of the group of ships. Eventually on the fourth day they are able to find a trace of some ships, and head towards them. Now in all honesty... I had planned on this long pitched battle here... where they would rush in, fight off the escort, and basically have a huge fight. But since Goth was not here, they actually came up with a better plan, that I had not thought of.

The three ships were guarded by two gunboats. Basically corvette sized capitol ships, filled with lots of weapons... nasty things really. In a pitched battle, it would require lots of PC aura, and luck, to beat them. I had balanced the odds slightly out of the players favor... so that it was not un beat able... but would have required maximum effort. And the players were one exo short (Frederick in Goth)... in other words they were near fucked... but not hopeless... That was my original plan.

That there plan consisted of was Jimbo, since his exo has some basic stealth capabilities, to remain active, while the rest of the exo's completely shut down (totally... they where in the dark until a pre arranged time). Jimbo was going to hack into the three ships they cared about, and prep them for a jump, and jump just after the exos attached them selves to the ships closets. It was actually a brilliant snatch and run technique, but it all hinged on Jimbo's abilities with computers, and the fact that his computer could still be on and active while the gun ships scanned the area (stealth is a wonderful thing). It was brilliant... and there was nothing I could do to stop it with out pulling some cheese.

Jimbo ran the numbers through the computer, and synched everybody up... they would all match velocities, and go silent until 2 rounds (60 seconds) before the contacted the ships... at that point all of them would power up... attempt to dazzle the gun ships, Jimbo would take over the computers the first round, then jump the ships two rounds after that (it takes 60 seconds to jump those ships at there velocity). So if everything worked perfectly they would engage the enemy for two rounds, and hold up the third... that was the plan... all it would take would be one very perceptive person on the gun boats to notice them, and they wouldn't even know it until it was to late... kind of an all or nothing type setup... and they already know I would let them live or die by the dice..... plus tom was never really know for his luck with rolls... but they stuck with it. (I really really tried making them think it was a bad idea... planting seeds of doubt in their head... after all... if it worked... they would bypass such a good combat!!!... but alas, they trusted Tom)

They drifted.... and I ran a couple sensor checks against Jimbo's stealth... he was not detected on any of them... I also rolled a couple times, to see if someone looking out of a window would notice something... it was a long shot... but I could have rolled double eights... nope... everything went smoothly... though I think I made them a bit nervous (good!). One turn before the approved time, Jimbo turns on the ECM and fills the area with a massive amount of static and white noise.

The pre approved time hits, and the other Exo's activate, and begin burning at full speed toward the ships, taking shots at the gun ships to confuse them... and it was working. Jimbo starts hacking into the prize ships, and spends lots of experience to do so... he is able to break in, and begins the jump sequence. On the second turn, the rest of the group has to begin dodging fire from the gun boats, as they are now in visual range. this is where things started getting difficult for them. Jimbo, while still dodging, cracks the computers again to open the closet doors so that the exos have a place to go. On the third turn, the gun boats begin firing on the prize ships... but carefully, since they want the prize also. They also attempt to begin to jump, but are delayed, and with the amount of ECM in the area, are unable to get a good sensor lock on the prize ships, so can not be sure where they are jumping to. One of the gun boats is able to disable the engine (main engine, not jump engine) of one of the ships, cutting its movement in two. the Boomers drops into the ships, Belle on the first one, Bo and Jimbo on the second, and Race on the third. the doors close, just as the ships jump...

The episode ended there.
Wednesday, March 21st, 2001
6:37 pm
He's not heavy, he's my Exo
(As a note, this is the second time I am writing this one... so it is going to be short... I am pissed at windows for crashing)
No detail frill version... I will give some "time" to the player who best writes a fluff bit about this episode so I don't have to... attach the replacement as a comment...

OK... quick overview... and important things that went on

the team, after getting back is a bit bewildered about that last "job"
Belle thinks she recognized the person she cut in two
Jimbo does research, finds that the Belle family is a very private bunch and does not find any pictures of the Belle family other than the presidents faces. With a human perception check belle THINKS that maybe the person she cut down might be a Belle... since it looks similar

they get an invite to Bell Trading, possible work.

they argue a bit about work, and the general consensus was that a good job with Belle would get rid of the black listing... so they would take any job... within reason...

When they arrive, the are asked to remove their weapons... and they do... a whole bunch of them... the security tense up.

They enter a board room, and are left alone for a couple minutes.

A man enters, Jimbo recognizes as Marc Belle, followed by a woman. He introduces him self as Marc Belle, thanks the group for saving his niece, and thanks them for their discretion in the matter. He explained that Marcia spoke highly of the group, and he wanted to offer them a favor. He thanks them again, but explains that he is a busy person, and had to go. Susan Recolvan, the Vice President of Belle Trading in charge of Loss Management, is introduced, and she is asked to take over the meeting.

She explains that Belle Technology purchased some assets from a company in Federation territory. Belle Trading was managing the transfer of those assets, and along the way, but outside of Federation territory, the ships were commandeered by a Federation patrol, and are currently in route to an outpost within Federation territory. Once at the outpost they will have no real hope of ever getting any of the assets back, since it will all be buried under paperwork and red tape, or will simply be lost. The Belle Corporate entity is on good relations with the Federation, and will not hire anybody to take direct action against any Federation facilities or personal. But they are offering a bounty, reward if you will, for the assets in question, if we were to happen to come across them. The bounty was 1.5 million for three ships and the assets they contain.

The group immediately began arguing, and the general consensus of the group that this was to dangerous of an assignment, and that they did not want to piss off an entity like the Federation. While the rest of the group was arguing, Race, acting as the CEO, signs the contract, just as everybody realizes what he is doing... but it was to late. She thanks them, and hands an encrypted data pad, telling them that a ship was leaving in 4 hours, giving them the info on the ship, and that the captain of the ship had the key to decrypt this data pad.

They rush back to their house, pick up some basic stuff, and head to their exos... docking with the tender as it is leaving the port. Just in the nick of time.

Details of the data packet.

Transle Corp was the company in Federated space that Belle Technologies was purchasing the assets from. Transle Corp had a lot of ties with various Federation entities, and dealt with a lot of black operations. But company was undergoing some hard times, and was selling off a portion of its business to stay afloat. The assets in question all deal with Either Space Physics and included a suite of equipment, and three scientists, all of which was unique and valuable. The scientists were Dr. Mizuue, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Girtanell. There was not to much information on them, but they were all leading scientists in the field of Either Space Physics.

People on the ship.
Captain Werke
Supe (the Super Cargo... no real name)
Habba, the navigation officer
Karumi, the lead technician
Daiseke, Karumi's brother and lead engineer.
Faceless extras (other people who filled out the crew but did not matter)

things done
Karumi takes on Jimbo as his sensai, since she also knows telemechanics....
Belle botches on her grooming roll and makes Bo look ugly... this is solved with Bo hunting down Belle and they switch their neck ornament so "Belle" is the ugly one
Belle and Goth fight
Race works with the navigator to plan a course and a meeting point.

My original post was much more fleshed out... and had little details and such.... but I am in a pissy mood because I lost all that work... so this is the important stuff...

which ever player writes an episode write up for this episode to replace this crap will win something...

I am going to the game now... bye
2:35 pm
For whom the Belle tolls
Well... the boomers make it back to their home, and are a bit paranoid. Goth tools up with all of his guns and body armor, and everybody waits.

The next day... Goth is still awake... he did not sleep. He is on edge, but everyone else is trying to figure out what happened. Approximately mid day, a business person dressed in a grey suit come to the door. Jimbo lets him in, and he begins talking. I honestly forgot how it started (It has been a while) but Goth got paranoid and pulled his gun, a slug thrower, and fires it... I think at the man in grey. Bo's response is to detonate a stun grenade. Honestly my memory is a bit fuzzy, the pulling and using of the slug thrower may have happened before the man in grey got there... or there may have been a second one, but that episode, we learned that the use of slug throwers, or any other type of weapon that has the potential to punch a hole in the station is banned, and held a very stiff penalty. (I am hoping one of the players remembers so I can correct this section)

After the explosion, Race is the only one conscious, and in return for not busting the lot and bring them in (the man in grey worked for the security services), Race agrees to take the job with out being paid. The job which the man originally planned on offering to the Boomers was a rescue mission. Marcia had been located, and they wanted the Boomers to enter and rescue her. The only concession to the Boomers that the man in grey made was offering them licenses to purchase weapons and armor from the Belle Armory, which had a higher grade of stuff available than the local facilities.

I used the base weapons and stats in the jovian chronicles book, but armor I boosted a bit... (I added light shields for my reference, they are very hard to get, and was not for sale)

  • Low Armor

    • AR 8
    • Pen 0
    • Cost - 200

  • Basic

    • AR 10
    • Pen 0
    • Cost 220

  • Light Plate

    • AR 15
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 500

  • Weave

    • AR 20
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 1,300

  • Heavy Metallic

    • AR 25
    • Pen -2
    • Cost 3,000

  • Ceramic

    • AR 30
    • Pen -2
    • Cost 7,500

  • Alloyed

    • AR 25
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 10,000

  • Heavy

    • AR 45
    • Pen -3
    • Cost 35,000

  • PWD Heavy

    • AR 45
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 75,000
    • Level 1 tech

  • Small Light Shield

    • AR 100
    • Cost 200,000
    • Level 2 tech
    • Sphere Shield Cost 400,000 (level 3)

  • Medium Light Shield

    • AR 150
    • Cost 500,000
    • Level 3 tech
    • Sphere Shield Cost 1,500,000 (level 4)

  • Heavy Light Shield

    • AR 200
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 3,000,000
    • Level 4 Tech
    • Sphere Shield Cost 12,000,000 (level 5)

The weapons available were various melee weapons, sonic weapons, and masers. nothing slug throwing, or laser based was available (and would be silly, considering they were doing this to avoid getting charged with using a slug thrower with in the station). They loaded up, spent their own money... and moved on.

The Terrorists (as was described to them by the man in grey) were holed up in an old warehouse on one of the outer rings of the station. The Boomers figured that their best option was to do a quick scouting, and simply charge, using the grenades (stun and other non damaging) that Bo would fire as cover. Kind of a blitz, and attempt to catch the people off guard. They were told that the terrorists were lightly armed, and not expecting trouble.

They had Jimbo walk by the place first, and which his telemechanic ability... a corner of the warehouse felt... wrong... bad thing wrong... but other than that there was only two doors into the front of the warehouse, and they decided to charge, starting it with Bo knocking down the door with a well placed grenade (for the record she did have explosive no-no grenades on her, but did not use it). the combat got really messy as they quickly learned that the "terrorists" were highly trained, wearing body armor, and using assault rifles, laser, and lost of stuff that they weren't allowed. Goth took some shots, but they were only light wounds... but her was pissed. Belle started making her way to the back area as quickly as she could, and just as she exited the main room, to get to the back rooms, two powered armor suits come out of some boxes, which were against the wall were Jimbo felt the "bad" feeling... I am sure the team would have loved to have been warned... but at that point it did not matter. things got nasty, as the Boomers started fighting a defensive battle.

In the back room Belle comes across Marcia tied to a wall, and the barrel of a gun... since the mystery assailant was waiting for someone to come through the door. At that point Belle spent a whole lot of experience on her dodge roll, and was able to dodge the hail of laser fire, just barely. when she returned fire, her opponent had a light shield, and it was harmlessly reflected away. Now... we all know Belle, and she is not one to give up, and especially when they guy ducks out the back (they did not check or even think of back doors), her pounce instincts combined with her battle lust impelled her to chase that person down, and she pulled out her hummer katana (which she just purchased), and attacked....

Belle rolled really well (more judicious use of experience)
the mystery person botched...
the light shield exploded in a shatter of sparkles... as Belle did more than 200 points of damage
and the man was cut in two...
Belle hears that combat has gone badly for the others as the chain guns of the powered armor kick in... she heads back to the combat.

Goth, which his maser rifle, actually managed to kill one of the powered armor, and the combat had returned back to a more even ground. In fact the Boomers were beginning to win again when seven Battle suits (small exo) and approximately 20 power armored solders from the Belle Security Force descend upon the scene, taking out the last powered suit, and pinning everybody to the ground. Even Goth, the normal antagonist of everything, actually stopped fighting and lied on the ground when facing this force. A group went into the back, and secured the entire area, as the Boomers and the bodies of the terrorists (the only surviving one was in the past powered armor... which they took out) were taken away.

The Boomers were released, relatively quickly, and when checking the news reports, the official story was that two rival gangs had a battle in the dock area, and the Belle Security Forces quickly stopped the battle, and broke both gangs. there was no pictures, nor mention of the Boomers, nor any mention of Marcia. the pictures shown of the gangs did not match any of the people they fought. It was a cover up, and the Boomers were used. Belle Security Forces needed a cover story to step in with out it looking like they were the ones doing the attacking. they had expected the Boomers to be eaten alive, and they would come in and take out the well armed kidnappers... They were surprised with the Boomers tenacity and skill.
10:45 am
The ringing mix up
The group began spinning their wheels...

Belle, being the person she was, went to bars and started bar fights. And met a friend. Her friend is a large woman (build +2) and an avid bar brawler. they hit it off right away, moving from bar to bar so to speak. The episode starts with the two of them in a bar, in the middle of a knock down drag out fight, drunk off their ass, and enjoying them selves, when a large group of people silhouetted against the light enter the bar and ask "Who is Belle". Our intrepid Catarl Catarl pipes up that she was Belle and they charge pulling weapons (stun sticks and other hand held weapons). The scene pans to the outside of the bar as hideous shrieks of pain and torment come from the bar. Some normal pedestrians were about to enter, and are scared off by the unholy sounds coming from within...

then the opening credits rolled... (I forget what they were)

After the credit we focus on the rest of the Boomers. They have gotten a studio type apartment at the station, low rent, low income area. They have personalized it, and are going about their own daily habits. There is a ring at the door, and Jimbo answers it. Standing in the door is a rather imposing man in a black suit. He asks to enter. The group gets really paranoid as he opens his briefcase, but in the end he gives the information to the group (Why can't they ever attack blindly??? why must this violent paranoid group always act with caution???) Anyway, they get the skinny that this man is a nameless representative of the station security staff, and that Belle was kidnapped and is being held hostage for 100 billion credits. The interesting aspect is that the kidnappers sent the ransom to the wrong people. Upon some basic investigation they determined that the entire space station was owned by Belle Heavy Industries, which was founded and still run and owned by the Belle family. Apparently the kidnappers thought Belle Hajime was a member of that family... they were really stupid kidnappers since the Belle family was human french descent.

They research a little bit, and are able to find out the current setup of the companies
  • Belle Heavy Industries

    • Belle Munitions
    • Belle Trading

      • Belle Shipping

    • Belle Technologies

The family structure is
Father - Davane Belle (Pres. BHI) (Married into the family)
Mother - Elaine Belle (Chairman of the Board of directors... yes... Chairperson... but still)
Older Brother to Elaine - Marc Belle - Pres BT
Daughter of Davane and Elaine - Marcia Belle - Pres BTech
Son of Davane and Elaine - Jean Belle - Pres BM
Son of Marc - Pierre Belle - Pres BS

there was other Belle family, but that was the basic information they were able to get quickly. The Belle family is a rather closed group, and does not open a lot of its secrets and internal conflicts. Tabloids don't have much, and they tend to remain aloof of normal issues.

The entire Station International (SI's original name.. Belle shortened it upon purchase) was bought from Federation Authority Tax approximately 70 years ago in a bit of a surprise move by the founder of the Belle family. It was the first time that a private individual had purchased anything that large in a tax liquidation sale. The station was then moved just outside of Federation territory and the Belle family converted it to a manufacturing and trading hub of the region. Since the entire station is owned by Belle, everything inside the station is simply leased from the parent company. Since they are outside the legal boundary of control, Belle is the law on the station (the station has been moved three times to keep it out of Federation control). It remains a company town to this day.

While Jimbo is doing the research into the station, the rest of the Boomers began canvassing the area, looking into local bars and following the path of destruction. On a chance encounter, Goth noticed a rather badly bruised and bandaged person walking out of a store, and freaking at the sound of the bell on the door frame as the door closed. This interests Goth, and he begins to follow this person, quite easy since the person is badly hurt. Eventually he is led to a old shipping center that was not being used. Goth went up to the windows, and inside he saw a large group of people on cots and other things. It was a scene right out of mash, with the amount of wounded people. He noticed that they did have a guard posted, and in the back of the place he can hear Belle Hajime swearing and cursing out some unknown person, threatening to eat that person if she ever gets down, and other miscellaneous threats. He snuck around the back and was just barely able to see Belle and her friend tied up. At this point he went back to the home base of the boomers and got the rest of them.

While he went back a grey unmarked van pulled up to the Shipping center, and several large gentlemen with bulky coats and large bags exit the van, heading purposely toward the building... gunfire ended that scene.

Back at the boomers apartment Goth tells everybody what he found, and notices the picture of Marcia Belle on Jimbo's computer. Marcia is the friend of Belle Hajime that was tied up with her. Realizing that the idiots did manage to kidnap an actual Belle, they quickly loaded up and headed to the building. When they arrived they found the people who had kidnapped the Belle's... dead, and in the back found Belle naked and tied up upside down, unconscious, with Marcia nowhere to be found. The kidnapers in this room had their necks slit, while the ones in the other rooms were shot... a lot.

Bo, Belles sister covers her, but not before Jimbo sees Belle naked and passes out. Upon waking, Belle says that she heard gunfire, then a stun grenade was thrown in the room... she went out at that time.
Monday, March 19th, 2001
5:34 pm
Incredible Tales
Well... as the capitol ships got closer and closer, I watched the players prepare for battle. I was not able to prod them into jumping the gun. They decided to wait until the cruisers approaching identified them selves as hostile. It was tense for a while, but in the end, no fight happened. When the cruisers got close enough, the cargo area opened, and the cargo personal began moving cargo into these unmarked ships. The team was asked to do patrols while this was going on, and they attempted to the best of their ability to watch and catalog the transaction... they got no useful information.

Towards the end of the transfer, Jimbo was able to detect someone scanning in the debris, and alerted everyone to the intruders. The team was ready as a group of brigands finally found the ship, and launched their attack. There was eight exos against the five exos of the team. The combat was very tight, and almost went against the players many times, with the luck and skill of the players holding off the brigands. During the main fight, the cargo vessel was damaged, but not badly, in a missile attack, as Belle used the main vessel to whittle away missiles chasing after her. Once the brigands started retreating, the players split into two groups. Belle and Bo stayed at the ship to protect it, as Race, Jimbo, and Goth followed the brigands to destroy them.

and came across the brigands capitol ship, a small corvette.
and the corvette shot its main guns at Goth...
and the player botched...

and we had our first case of spending five experience points to re roll any roll... his second roll was much better, and he was able to survive.

The brigands pulled back to the corvette, which had the markings of a serpent on it, and fought off the players for a while. Eventually, the enemy Exos were destroyed, and with a plasma lance, Jimbo entered into the corvette and cuts its engine in two. He made his piloting roll to exit post haste, as it dawned on him what kind of power plant it was. At the same time, Race attacked the corvette, and to external apearences, got the final shot, since Jimbo was in a real hurry to get away, he did not argue much.

There was no salvage from that combat, since the players were a bit... over zealous in there fighting, and went for total destruction.

After combat, the transfer of cargo continued, since the damages suffered by the cargo ship were not critical. The team broke into two groups this time, and one group stayed by the ship, as the other ventured into the debris field scanning for problems.

Jimbo's exo was a mobile sensor platform, and while out on patrol in the debris, Jimbo picked up the faint signature of a ship. The team investigated very cautiously, and came across the hulk of an old vessel. It was an unregistered ship design, but obviously human. Very old, but probably worth some money. They towed the hulk back to the main cargo vessel. There was a name painted on the side of the ship "Der Baron".

The rest of the transfer went un eventful, and the rest of the trip to SI (Their destination space station) was very short, as they were obviously close to the station when they transferred their cargo. Once at the station, the Captain tried to register the hulk in his name, thereby claiming it for him self, but Race, who had a high business skill, was able to prove their claim of salvage, even thought the captain was claiming the hulk as reparations for the damages to his ship. In the end he had no legal ground to stand on, and the hulk was split between the five of them legally.

The Captain Jacobson ended their contract for further trips, paid them there salary, and blacklisted them among the other shipping companies. He was mad at losing such a valuable item, and was not playing very nice.

Now that they had a capitol asset, they were able to incorporate them selves, and Race, who was the businessman among them, created the legal documents. He created a corporation called The Boomers (John's idea), and gave everyone 20% in the company. The Boomers legal documents were rather sound, and the only thing Race was able to get away with was naming himself CEO. The Boomers then set about making them selves at home at SI, with dreams of fixing up the hulk to make it space worthy still in their heads.

They then learned what it was to be blacklisted...

and the episode ended with them being turned down for jobs
3:41 pm
The Ox
In the second episode, the group arrived at the cargo ship that they were contracted to protect. Each had their own exo, which was one of the many gracious concessions I made to the players. Anyway, they arrived on the ship, and was wondering who the main security officer was going to be. who ever it was, that person was going to be their boss, so they started making jokes, saying that person will be as ugly as an ox, and twice as dumb.

Bo, Belle's sister was their security officer. She was contracted to lead who ever the captain hired to protect it.

The company they were working for was Picto Shipping, and they were hired to simply protect the cargo ship from brigand or pirate attack. In the contract, the Captain was able to hire them for a very cheap rate, by including a salvage clause in the contract. Basically any salvage that is found along the trip, from disabled exo's during combat, to whatever, would belong to the security detail. The captain rarely ever came across salvage, so it was a wonderful way for him to screw the players out of some money.

The players learned that Captain Jacobson was a cheap bastard, and was only interested in money. During the trip, the players were bored, and required to stay in the hanger area, and the quarters set aside for them, life support was cut out from the other areas to save money.

Cabin fever over took the players in different ways. Belle and Goth started fighting, and started the grand tradition of Belle and Goth fighting. During the fights, Goth would try for blood.... after so many fights, he wanted that overgrown tabby cat dead... Goth at one point broke off a table leg, and sharpened it, to use as a weapon... It was an interesting in game joke as he would keep it around. It was fun the fights between the two, which normally began with Belle randomly attacking Goth, Goth trying to kill Belle, and ending with Goth being rendered impotent in combat (different ways... being knocked out, what ever... always losing the fight). Race and Bo went off to the private room to get to know each other better, since Race had set him self up as the leader of the group of four players. I guess Bo was always the gold digger. Bo tried to entice Jimbo, to gain control of him, but after Jimbo locked her away, since his flaw, she concentrated on Race. Jimbo entertained him self with hacking into the computer of the ship and messing with stuff.... which lead to an interesting discovery.

Jimbo told Bo about his discovery of anomalies in the cargo manifest. She decided to investigate it with Jimbo, and asks him to keep it a secret from the rest, until they know what they are dealing with.

Belle and Goth fight some more... Race tries to talk to the bridge crew and is ignored.

Bo and Jimbo sneak into the cargo area, and Jimbo cracks the code on the first sealed container. Inside he finds some very nasty weapons of mass destruction, and some other things that he decides not to check into. Upon closing the container, both him and Bo decide that it is best if they never saw what they just saw, go back, and don't tell the rest of the team what they saw. Nothing happened.

Back to the daily grind. Bo and Race get back to it, and Bo is pretty sure that she has Race under her control, Race is sure that everybody does what he says, Belle and Goth fight some more, and Jimbo begins tracking and researching the company they are working for on the computer.

The Episode ended with the ship stopping and moving into a debris field, and 3 cruisers approaching, as the players prepare to fight the cruisers.

Bo Hajime was introduced this episode. She is the Twin sister (actually there is many brothers and sisters to Bo and Belle, since they were born in a litter), who likes explosives. Bo does not have a bounty on her head, like her sister, but has a reputation for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and for blowing that place up.
Saturday, March 17th, 2001
1:34 am
the characters, in the beginning
Now I begin the recap... I have missed a lot... but this is how it started....
The game started with 4 characters... in a bar.... gee... how original...

the characters were!

Brad - Raistlin Medier
The character was a mediocre exo pilot, and a mediocre fighter. What Race (nick name) had was a lot of business skills, and non combat skills. A very different character from what Brad normally plays... but fun. The main thing I remember is his photographic memory... which lead to an interesting opening.....

Frederick - Gareth (last name forgotten)
A god inside his exo... quite a bit less outside of his exo. Goth (nickname) is paranoid, and moody. He is over confidant, and a loner. He is also hunted by a secret organization, because he is a failed genetic super soldier... He has almost no non combat skills, but won't admit to it, being overconfident has its draw backs... doesn't trust anybody and tries to kill the catarl catarl many times... I stress tries... they are better than him.

Tom - James E Nigma
He is a telemechanic (yes... psychic... even thought I told him it was a major GM screw and not worth the points...), and a tech head... computer geek. average in combat, he can hold his own against normal enemy's, but works best as a support for a team. He was found by his "father" (adopted) adrift in space in a capsule.... his father was killed by pirates... now he has a grudge. He started the game with an interesting flaw, he had a fear of women... he would burst into nose bleeds and such... it was not an actuall phobia... but an extream of the anime geek dealing with sexuality.

David - Belle Hajime
She is ... a catarl catarl... and a violent one. She enjoys bar fights, physical confrontation, and is incredible in hand to hand combat. Inside of an exo she is a very agile pilot, but mediocre as a gunner... but that is ok... that is what a gunnery computer is for. She is hunted through out catarl catarl space, due to a small infraction called the Hajime massacre. big political mess....

other characters joined later - I will describe them when we get to them....
John - Bo Hajime
Daric - Gwendolen/Phoebe Domino
Mike - Boerigard Silche

but the first four... started in a bar fight... When Belle "accidentally" pushed Goth into Race. Race decides to memorize Bell's face... staring at it to burn it into his mind for later... She decides to deck him.... he memorizes the shape of her fist as he goes unconscious....

the fight was grand....

that was the first episode... as the characters introduce them selves... and try to get away from the police....

after escaping... they decided to get a job... and since 4 people together can negotiate better than 4 individual, they work together to get a job guarding a cargo ship....

end of episode (I think... it has been a while)
Friday, March 16th, 2001
6:24 pm
I forgot to provide links to the stuff we use

The game system is Jovian Chronicles, which is put out by Dream Pod 9
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