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Character Journal - April 19, 2001

Its been three days now, and weve made an astonishing discovery. Weve been had. It all started when we found James in a severe state of shock.

The sensor operator of the freighter, Judas, has been falsifying his reports. Turns out he is a member of the Blue Ninjas (the Boomers name for them, not their own) and that he has been leading us deep into Federation-controlled space.

When his plan was discovered, he released a biological agent into the ships ventilation system. We were very lucky, as I had been ordered to make a check of the ships cargo, when we discovered the course deviation and found some of the agent missing. The inoculation was in the hold as well, and Bow, our medic, administered it to our team.

The crew succumbed quickly, being rendered unconscious by the disease. That, and our navigator was found shot execution style. Judas barricaded himself on the bridge, and we had to cut our way in. Bell took him out with a concussion grenade before he had a chance to communicate with his comrades.

Then it gets ugly. Three days into Federation space we set a course to take us back to neutral territory by the most direct route. Its not long before we discover were being followed.

It all happened so suddenly, and I wish I could remember all the details because it may be very important some day. We didnt have a positive ID on them, and it was just us five. With defense of our charge as our most important priority, we arranged to deploy in force and fire warning shots.

Gareth fired first, and while his shot was in progress (revealing the fact that we knew the heavily stealthed ship was there) we popped all the exo-armor closets and immediately fired our own warnings. Nothing discourages a casual pursuer like a display of firepower.

I cant believe what happened. Gareth got a lucky shot, and then both Beauregard and I hit as well. It was astonishing. The scout started to flee, and we had no identification or information or anything.

We had to pursue. If they were in league with Judas, it could be devastating if they returned to their base. And pursue we did, in force. Gareth, Bow and I burned for the scout under maximum thrust. I made a pass along the hull as I got there first, then we all tore into them. It was obscene, like shooting fish in a barrel. My closing shot must have decimated the power grid in the central hull as they lost main power.

That was when they contacted us. Someone on the bridge wanted to discuss terms of surrender. My jaw dropped when Gareth took another shot.

Those poor men! They identified themselves as Federation. They were just a boarder patrol, doing their job. They were sincere, and they didnt even try to dodge Gareths shot. He blew the upper hull to pieces. There were no survivors. I dont know how many people we killed.

The lower hull retained integrity and thankfully they had communications. They immediately radioed their unconditional surrender. We took them aboard the freighter and secured them in the converted cargo hold we now call our brig. The remains of their vessel we strapped to our hull, and were back on course for a best-time exit from Federation space.

Im still shaking. What have we done? Weve destroyed a boarder patrol in Federation space. Not only that, but all the events of the past three days have taken place within Federation boarders. They had every right to stop and search our vessel. Were cold-blooded killers!

Im sitting on the bridge of our freighter. We havent woken the Captain yet; he might have been working in cooperation with Judas, and we still need to finish Judas interrogation. Im sitting as acting Captain and all I can think is, "This isnt what Im here for. I dont know what to do. What is going to happen to us?" Gwen, Im so sorry.
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