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Character Journal - April 4, 2001

It is my first run with "The Boomers". This is the little mercenary group that my Aunt Gwen set me up with when I left the exposition squad.

We're escorting a cargo vessel across unclaimed space, skirting some pirate-controlled areas. Our first incident occurred three days out.

The details are not very clear to me now, but it seems this group has made enemies in very high places, specifically the Federation's Special Operations Brigade. Four torpedoes at extreme range attached us. I'd almost have missed them if something didn't make my skin crawl while I was on sensor patrol. I asked the team's resident tech-head to pop out in his exo-armor for a look-see and sure enough, he spotted them inbound with about 2 minutes warning.

We scrambled the team and succeeded in picking them off before they closed with the transport, but then discovered some fascinating debris.

It had struck me as odd that nobody followed up such an initial strike. I chalked it up to the fact that they didn't score one hit even with a good degree of surprise, but it turned out that something totally destroyed the attacking Fed S.O.B. vessel. We're largely guessing here, but the prevailing theory is that it just disassociated itself. James, the tech-head I told you about, spotted another vessel fleeing at the edges of his sensor envelope, just before it jumped. I fed the telemetry through my computer and it seemed to be heading into pirate space.

Not just that, but the particular pirate space was controlled by a clan that James holds responsible for the death of his father. Of course, since we're escorting a freighter, pursuit was never a consideration, and we continued on our way.

6 days later a Federation corvette intercepted us. They demanded we permit an inspection party to board our vessel, as it seemed we were heading into a conflict area they had an interest in. Still, since we were in uncontrolled space, our Captain decided he had no reason to recognise their authority, and it fell to us to convince the Feds to see things his way.

Now I've been in some battles, but this was really something... these guys know how to fly. The seven Federation fighters launched against us were dropping missiles like grains of sand, sticking more than a dozen to each of us, and a couple times over for some of us. Everyone was out there dodging like crazy, and taking controlled hits wherever we could. By the time it was all over, only our mission commander had taken a hit at all. And she only took one and it wasn't any kind of serious damage. I'm sure James will have it all patched up in no time.

The fighters were turning from what looked like a rout when it was noticed that a troop transport was engaging our freighter. Bow and Gareth, having been sent back first, discovered it and James and I were ordered back. They were so close, having snuck in while we were occupied with the fighters, and suddenly, Gareth and Bow lined up for a shot. Gareth has some kind of combination gun that just plowed into the main hull. I don't know what he hit, but something must have cascaded; the whole troop transport exploded with no survivors. No salvage either though.

The three remaining fighters had had enough, and as Bell slashed through another, I radioed for the corvettes surrender. They ignored us and jumped. James asked the two remaining fighter pilots to eject to signal their surrender. It was a good thing they did... Bell didn't look like she wanted to let them go, even though their home base had made the jump without them.

I got a good parting shot off against the corvette, but nothing was going to stop them. At the end we were left to collect the surrendered pilots and tow the two captured exo-armors back to the freighter. They were undamaged, and I hope the salvage on them makes the trip worthwhile.

Some team though. No congratulations on my flying, no nothing. I don't know whats with these people. They are disrespectful, violent and antagonistic. Sometimes they are even downright vulgar. I'm back to sulking, again.

It's going to be a long trip.
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