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Into the light (Part two)

(As a reference, Brad was not able to make it to this game, and Frerico (the player of Goth) was going to arrive very late)

The ships jumped...

Inside the bridge of the lead gunboat, there was a bit of confusion... the captain asked the sensor officer, if they had a lock, dear god please let them have a lock. I rolled his sensor skill...
"Negative sir, we lost them, they jammed all of our sensors"
ARGGGGGG their plan worked. O well... it was cool.

The captain then requested all combat data, recordings and telemetry to be archived, then the originals destroyed. He was going to have to explain... and wanted to give something to save his hide.

then opening credits rolled. (I forget what they were)

On this ships, I switched off between the different groups. There was Race in one ship, Bo and Jimbo in another, and Belle in the third. They had to take the ship, normally by going to the bridge. Before disembarking, Jimbo locked down the computers on all the ships, so that while they were securing the personal inside, the crew could not pilot the ships anywhere. Basically locking the computers totally.

Belle began with the easiest of the two groups (I ran Race off screen, since the player was not here). She began progressing through the corridors, and stunned two of the technicians she came across. She accidentally went the long way to the bridge, and along her way, found something nasty. When coming around one corner, she came across a man pointing a very large gun at her. This man was obviously not a simple "techy" like the ones she had pounced, and she had to dodge, as a stream of electricity pours out from this gun, and traced all along the corridor. She ducked back behind the corner very quickly, bare making her roll... very close. She had a maser on her, and took a pot shot from around the corner at him, but was amazed when it did not effect him, and dodged like crazy again as he started to blister the wall in that area. He began cursing at her is french... about all she could make out was "pussy cat". As a GM the gun that the merc was wielding was a lightning gun, and had a backpack that the user wears. The backpack has a EM shield that protects the wielder from the side effects of being that close to the electricity, and has a wonderful side effect of blocking maser fire. The gun was such that even at half power (IE saturating the area but still missing does half damage to everything) it would have caused a heart attack.

On Bo and Jimbo's ship they were met with a bit more formalize resistance right away. Bo and Jimbo were met at the airlock door by some people with a couple small ams. Pistols if I remember right. Bo solved it her way, she took a concussion grenade and set it off. Jimbo was still in his flight suit which afforded him some protection. Bo was also, but being point blank of the blast she was knocked out. The two crew members, were wearing normal clothes and were knocked out. Since Bo was wearing a flight suit (they got armored flight suits... are they not paranoid or what!) she was not knocked out for long. He brought her into one of the side rooms until she recovered. In another of the side rooms, they found an old man, who was pointing a gun at them. Bo jumped him, subdued him, then beat him some more... and some more... They decided to use this room to store the people, and went back for the two unconscious people at the air lock. As they progressed, they came across another person holed up, it was a woman, mid thirties. She scream at them, calling them pirates, and tried to defend her self. Bo jumped her, subdued her, and beat her some more... and then put her in the room with the others... Jimbo by this time has fixed it such that they could not unlock the door from the inside, and they moved forward as a team.

On Belle's side, she was getting a bit tired of this cat and mouse game, considering she was supposed to be the cat! She also knew that if she did not get past him quickly, some other crew members would come around behind her. She decided to throw her helmet against the far wall, and tear around the corner and charge him... she pulled out her stun stick (the team had tooled up with non leather and non slug weapons before the trip), and readied her self. She threw the helmet across, and charged. I wish to say that the player spent a lot of experience to dodge the first attack, and then spent it like water on her initiative check on the next round... it paid off, but she came ever so close to being fried. The confrontation ended with Belle sticking the stun stick down the mans through and knocking him out cold. She super glued his feet to the ceiling of a side room (she had hit a supply area before getting here) and continued to the bridge. There was a cluster of crew at the bridge, but... she took them out with out much trouble. She gathered up all of the unconscious people and put them in the same room with the merc on the ceiling and headed to the bridge.

Jimbo and Bo got into trouble. The group on the bridge had holed them selves up very well, and Bo charged in. Something no note, the crew had some slug throwers, and were shooting at Bo and at Jimbo, and missing a lot of times. But when inside the bridge, the bullets hit something, and by the end of the combat, they had taken down the crew, but the bridge was shot to shit. Jimbo was able to use his Exo's computer to run the sensors on the ship, and tried to contact the bridges of the other two ships. Belle answered on her ship, and they arranged for Belle to head over to the central ship, and figure out what to do. They are finally able to contact the bridge of Race's ship, and they find that Race has not taken over that ship, in fact they can see him tied up in the background. I do stress that Race is not very good in hand to hand combat, or any kind of personal combat. The crew of the first ship begin negotiating with Bo, when suddenly communication is cut off. Approximately ten seconds later the ship that they are in is rocked by something. Jimbo immediately goes after the sensors again, and shows everybody the scene of the fireball that used to be ship one. He then tracks a missile as it heads to ship three, and it explodes with an antimatter explosion. Antimatter weapons are a "bad thing" and in game terms I treat them as disintegration weapons. Using a bit of trajectory tracking, Jimbo is able to detect a ship, that is stealthed and closing. Jimbo gets a drive signature of the ship for later comparison. They know that the ship closing is huge, and able to fire anti-matter warhead missiles.... they decide to run. Jimbo is sent to the engine room, since the bridge is all fucked up. While he begins activating the systems he is told over the intercom that the ship just fired again, and he has 30 seconds to jump, or they are dead. Jimbo knows for a fact he need another thirty second before the engine will come online... then another minute to jump.... so he pushes at something... he is not sure what, but he feels with his mind... and pushes... pushes with all of his being, at moving... I ask the player to make a Telemechanics check... at an incredibly high difficulty number, and he makes it (with lots of experience spent)... and they simply jump.

The scene from the outside is the ship shifting... almost a color separation... and then the ship is gone, the missile goes right through the spot were they were.

Back with the boomers, you see Goth in space, near a debris field. this was supposed to be the arranged meeting spot, and he is waiting.

Suddenly the ship arrives.... In a opposite effect of what it warped out as... as a color shifted version of the ship suddenly focuses in near Goth. We then pan to the inside of the ship, as it is empty, starting in the bridge, and traveling back through the corridors to the engine room... and inside the engine room. Inside the engine room is the only occupant we have seen. Floating in the zero gravity, curled up in the center of the room is the body of Jimbo. The room has a slight scorched feel to it, as many of the corners and panels have a slight blackening to them. Jimbo is naked in the center of the room, with no hair or clothes, but is curled in the fetal position. It appears that his hair and clothes burned off of him, and he is slightly burned.

the camera then pulls back in the ship, as people start coming into focus, in the same way that the ship entered. They all appear at the same time, but the only ones conscious are Bo and Belle, and the both of them get sick and race to the bathroom their faces green.

Goth moves to dock his Exo into the ship, and comes across Bo. Belle had headed to the engine room, and came across Jimbo. She finds some spare clothes and brings him to the main area. he is still out. They tell Goth what happened, thought they don't explain the strange jumping, since nobody knows what happened there... it is just not mentioned. They rest for a bit, and watch what the groups of people who they captured. They are able to tell that two of the people that Bo beat severely and one of the ones from the bridge were the scientists they were after, and they think they were captured by pirates. The they comment that the older one is hurt really bad.

The console that Jimbo setup (routing his Exo's computer to control this ship) goes off, telling them that someone was scanning the area, and that they had just been picked up on long range sensors. It had taken them a little while, but they were found again. They decide to pull into the debris field and try to hide, since it will take a little while before they can jump.

Once they pull into the debris field, they wait.... and get in their exos to get ready for the people that are sent in afterwards. The super carrier that shot the anti-matter missiles was to large to navigate inside this field, so it would have to go to exo vs exo combat.

and soon, a group of four Exo spot the ship. At the time there was only Goth, Bo, and Belle in Exos... since Jimbo had not woken up yet. The combat is very harsh, since they are fighting some veteran combat exo pilots, and it teeters a couple times, but in the end, the team tried a combined attack, and took out the enemy exos by concentrating all of their firepower on one at a time. But they paid a heavy price. The boomers exos were all heavily damaged in the fight, and would not survive another.

The carrier did not know the status of the Boomer's exo's... so assumed the worst (for them)... all they knew is that there exploratory team was taken out. So they setup a dragnet of sensors around the field, such that as soon as anybody leaves the field, they would know and could hunt them down.

Once back in the ship, Jimbo finally wakes up.... and they figure out a way to escape. Jimbo will use his computer to find a relatively safe part of the debris, and plot the course that the ship could take, such that the 60 second of pre warp movement could happen inside the debris field, and the actual jump, were it is safe... if they attempted to jump while still in the field, the chance was high that they would impact into something and cease to exist.

they set it up, and it works... they leave the field, just as they jump, and thanks to interference of the debris, they are sure that the carrier was unable to get a sensor fix on there jump...

they arrive back into normal space....
and begin heading to the meeting place of the tender...
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