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(As a note, this is the second time I am writing this one... so it is going to be short... I am pissed at windows for crashing)
No detail frill version... I will give some "time" to the player who best writes a fluff bit about this episode so I don't have to... attach the replacement as a comment...

OK... quick overview... and important things that went on

the team, after getting back is a bit bewildered about that last "job"
Belle thinks she recognized the person she cut in two
Jimbo does research, finds that the Belle family is a very private bunch and does not find any pictures of the Belle family other than the presidents faces. With a human perception check belle THINKS that maybe the person she cut down might be a Belle... since it looks similar

they get an invite to Bell Trading, possible work.

they argue a bit about work, and the general consensus was that a good job with Belle would get rid of the black listing... so they would take any job... within reason...

When they arrive, the are asked to remove their weapons... and they do... a whole bunch of them... the security tense up.

They enter a board room, and are left alone for a couple minutes.

A man enters, Jimbo recognizes as Marc Belle, followed by a woman. He introduces him self as Marc Belle, thanks the group for saving his niece, and thanks them for their discretion in the matter. He explained that Marcia spoke highly of the group, and he wanted to offer them a favor. He thanks them again, but explains that he is a busy person, and had to go. Susan Recolvan, the Vice President of Belle Trading in charge of Loss Management, is introduced, and she is asked to take over the meeting.

She explains that Belle Technology purchased some assets from a company in Federation territory. Belle Trading was managing the transfer of those assets, and along the way, but outside of Federation territory, the ships were commandeered by a Federation patrol, and are currently in route to an outpost within Federation territory. Once at the outpost they will have no real hope of ever getting any of the assets back, since it will all be buried under paperwork and red tape, or will simply be lost. The Belle Corporate entity is on good relations with the Federation, and will not hire anybody to take direct action against any Federation facilities or personal. But they are offering a bounty, reward if you will, for the assets in question, if we were to happen to come across them. The bounty was 1.5 million for three ships and the assets they contain.

The group immediately began arguing, and the general consensus of the group that this was to dangerous of an assignment, and that they did not want to piss off an entity like the Federation. While the rest of the group was arguing, Race, acting as the CEO, signs the contract, just as everybody realizes what he is doing... but it was to late. She thanks them, and hands an encrypted data pad, telling them that a ship was leaving in 4 hours, giving them the info on the ship, and that the captain of the ship had the key to decrypt this data pad.

They rush back to their house, pick up some basic stuff, and head to their exos... docking with the tender as it is leaving the port. Just in the nick of time.

Details of the data packet.

Transle Corp was the company in Federated space that Belle Technologies was purchasing the assets from. Transle Corp had a lot of ties with various Federation entities, and dealt with a lot of black operations. But company was undergoing some hard times, and was selling off a portion of its business to stay afloat. The assets in question all deal with Either Space Physics and included a suite of equipment, and three scientists, all of which was unique and valuable. The scientists were Dr. Mizuue, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Girtanell. There was not to much information on them, but they were all leading scientists in the field of Either Space Physics.

People on the ship.
Captain Werke
Supe (the Super Cargo... no real name)
Habba, the navigation officer
Karumi, the lead technician
Daiseke, Karumi's brother and lead engineer.
Faceless extras (other people who filled out the crew but did not matter)

things done
Karumi takes on Jimbo as his sensai, since she also knows telemechanics....
Belle botches on her grooming roll and makes Bo look ugly... this is solved with Bo hunting down Belle and they switch their neck ornament so "Belle" is the ugly one
Belle and Goth fight
Race works with the navigator to plan a course and a meeting point.

My original post was much more fleshed out... and had little details and such.... but I am in a pissy mood because I lost all that work... so this is the important stuff...

which ever player writes an episode write up for this episode to replace this crap will win something...

I am going to the game now... bye
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