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For whom the Belle tolls

Well... the boomers make it back to their home, and are a bit paranoid. Goth tools up with all of his guns and body armor, and everybody waits.

The next day... Goth is still awake... he did not sleep. He is on edge, but everyone else is trying to figure out what happened. Approximately mid day, a business person dressed in a grey suit come to the door. Jimbo lets him in, and he begins talking. I honestly forgot how it started (It has been a while) but Goth got paranoid and pulled his gun, a slug thrower, and fires it... I think at the man in grey. Bo's response is to detonate a stun grenade. Honestly my memory is a bit fuzzy, the pulling and using of the slug thrower may have happened before the man in grey got there... or there may have been a second one, but that episode, we learned that the use of slug throwers, or any other type of weapon that has the potential to punch a hole in the station is banned, and held a very stiff penalty. (I am hoping one of the players remembers so I can correct this section)

After the explosion, Race is the only one conscious, and in return for not busting the lot and bring them in (the man in grey worked for the security services), Race agrees to take the job with out being paid. The job which the man originally planned on offering to the Boomers was a rescue mission. Marcia had been located, and they wanted the Boomers to enter and rescue her. The only concession to the Boomers that the man in grey made was offering them licenses to purchase weapons and armor from the Belle Armory, which had a higher grade of stuff available than the local facilities.

I used the base weapons and stats in the jovian chronicles book, but armor I boosted a bit... (I added light shields for my reference, they are very hard to get, and was not for sale)

  • Low Armor

    • AR 8
    • Pen 0
    • Cost - 200

  • Basic

    • AR 10
    • Pen 0
    • Cost 220

  • Light Plate

    • AR 15
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 500

  • Weave

    • AR 20
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 1,300

  • Heavy Metallic

    • AR 25
    • Pen -2
    • Cost 3,000

  • Ceramic

    • AR 30
    • Pen -2
    • Cost 7,500

  • Alloyed

    • AR 25
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 10,000

  • Heavy

    • AR 45
    • Pen -3
    • Cost 35,000

  • PWD Heavy

    • AR 45
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 75,000
    • Level 1 tech

  • Small Light Shield

    • AR 100
    • Cost 200,000
    • Level 2 tech
    • Sphere Shield Cost 400,000 (level 3)

  • Medium Light Shield

    • AR 150
    • Cost 500,000
    • Level 3 tech
    • Sphere Shield Cost 1,500,000 (level 4)

  • Heavy Light Shield

    • AR 200
    • Pen -1
    • Cost 3,000,000
    • Level 4 Tech
    • Sphere Shield Cost 12,000,000 (level 5)

The weapons available were various melee weapons, sonic weapons, and masers. nothing slug throwing, or laser based was available (and would be silly, considering they were doing this to avoid getting charged with using a slug thrower with in the station). They loaded up, spent their own money... and moved on.

The Terrorists (as was described to them by the man in grey) were holed up in an old warehouse on one of the outer rings of the station. The Boomers figured that their best option was to do a quick scouting, and simply charge, using the grenades (stun and other non damaging) that Bo would fire as cover. Kind of a blitz, and attempt to catch the people off guard. They were told that the terrorists were lightly armed, and not expecting trouble.

They had Jimbo walk by the place first, and which his telemechanic ability... a corner of the warehouse felt... wrong... bad thing wrong... but other than that there was only two doors into the front of the warehouse, and they decided to charge, starting it with Bo knocking down the door with a well placed grenade (for the record she did have explosive no-no grenades on her, but did not use it). the combat got really messy as they quickly learned that the "terrorists" were highly trained, wearing body armor, and using assault rifles, laser, and lost of stuff that they weren't allowed. Goth took some shots, but they were only light wounds... but her was pissed. Belle started making her way to the back area as quickly as she could, and just as she exited the main room, to get to the back rooms, two powered armor suits come out of some boxes, which were against the wall were Jimbo felt the "bad" feeling... I am sure the team would have loved to have been warned... but at that point it did not matter. things got nasty, as the Boomers started fighting a defensive battle.

In the back room Belle comes across Marcia tied to a wall, and the barrel of a gun... since the mystery assailant was waiting for someone to come through the door. At that point Belle spent a whole lot of experience on her dodge roll, and was able to dodge the hail of laser fire, just barely. when she returned fire, her opponent had a light shield, and it was harmlessly reflected away. Now... we all know Belle, and she is not one to give up, and especially when they guy ducks out the back (they did not check or even think of back doors), her pounce instincts combined with her battle lust impelled her to chase that person down, and she pulled out her hummer katana (which she just purchased), and attacked....

Belle rolled really well (more judicious use of experience)
the mystery person botched...
the light shield exploded in a shatter of sparkles... as Belle did more than 200 points of damage
and the man was cut in two...
Belle hears that combat has gone badly for the others as the chain guns of the powered armor kick in... she heads back to the combat.

Goth, which his maser rifle, actually managed to kill one of the powered armor, and the combat had returned back to a more even ground. In fact the Boomers were beginning to win again when seven Battle suits (small exo) and approximately 20 power armored solders from the Belle Security Force descend upon the scene, taking out the last powered suit, and pinning everybody to the ground. Even Goth, the normal antagonist of everything, actually stopped fighting and lied on the ground when facing this force. A group went into the back, and secured the entire area, as the Boomers and the bodies of the terrorists (the only surviving one was in the past powered armor... which they took out) were taken away.

The Boomers were released, relatively quickly, and when checking the news reports, the official story was that two rival gangs had a battle in the dock area, and the Belle Security Forces quickly stopped the battle, and broke both gangs. there was no pictures, nor mention of the Boomers, nor any mention of Marcia. the pictures shown of the gangs did not match any of the people they fought. It was a cover up, and the Boomers were used. Belle Security Forces needed a cover story to step in with out it looking like they were the ones doing the attacking. they had expected the Boomers to be eaten alive, and they would come in and take out the well armed kidnappers... They were surprised with the Boomers tenacity and skill.
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