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Well... as the capitol ships got closer and closer, I watched the players prepare for battle. I was not able to prod them into jumping the gun. They decided to wait until the cruisers approaching identified them selves as hostile. It was tense for a while, but in the end, no fight happened. When the cruisers got close enough, the cargo area opened, and the cargo personal began moving cargo into these unmarked ships. The team was asked to do patrols while this was going on, and they attempted to the best of their ability to watch and catalog the transaction... they got no useful information.

Towards the end of the transfer, Jimbo was able to detect someone scanning in the debris, and alerted everyone to the intruders. The team was ready as a group of brigands finally found the ship, and launched their attack. There was eight exos against the five exos of the team. The combat was very tight, and almost went against the players many times, with the luck and skill of the players holding off the brigands. During the main fight, the cargo vessel was damaged, but not badly, in a missile attack, as Belle used the main vessel to whittle away missiles chasing after her. Once the brigands started retreating, the players split into two groups. Belle and Bo stayed at the ship to protect it, as Race, Jimbo, and Goth followed the brigands to destroy them.

and came across the brigands capitol ship, a small corvette.
and the corvette shot its main guns at Goth...
and the player botched...

and we had our first case of spending five experience points to re roll any roll... his second roll was much better, and he was able to survive.

The brigands pulled back to the corvette, which had the markings of a serpent on it, and fought off the players for a while. Eventually, the enemy Exos were destroyed, and with a plasma lance, Jimbo entered into the corvette and cuts its engine in two. He made his piloting roll to exit post haste, as it dawned on him what kind of power plant it was. At the same time, Race attacked the corvette, and to external apearences, got the final shot, since Jimbo was in a real hurry to get away, he did not argue much.

There was no salvage from that combat, since the players were a bit... over zealous in there fighting, and went for total destruction.

After combat, the transfer of cargo continued, since the damages suffered by the cargo ship were not critical. The team broke into two groups this time, and one group stayed by the ship, as the other ventured into the debris field scanning for problems.

Jimbo's exo was a mobile sensor platform, and while out on patrol in the debris, Jimbo picked up the faint signature of a ship. The team investigated very cautiously, and came across the hulk of an old vessel. It was an unregistered ship design, but obviously human. Very old, but probably worth some money. They towed the hulk back to the main cargo vessel. There was a name painted on the side of the ship "Der Baron".

The rest of the transfer went un eventful, and the rest of the trip to SI (Their destination space station) was very short, as they were obviously close to the station when they transferred their cargo. Once at the station, the Captain tried to register the hulk in his name, thereby claiming it for him self, but Race, who had a high business skill, was able to prove their claim of salvage, even thought the captain was claiming the hulk as reparations for the damages to his ship. In the end he had no legal ground to stand on, and the hulk was split between the five of them legally.

The Captain Jacobson ended their contract for further trips, paid them there salary, and blacklisted them among the other shipping companies. He was mad at losing such a valuable item, and was not playing very nice.

Now that they had a capitol asset, they were able to incorporate them selves, and Race, who was the businessman among them, created the legal documents. He created a corporation called The Boomers (John's idea), and gave everyone 20% in the company. The Boomers legal documents were rather sound, and the only thing Race was able to get away with was naming himself CEO. The Boomers then set about making them selves at home at SI, with dreams of fixing up the hulk to make it space worthy still in their heads.

They then learned what it was to be blacklisted...

and the episode ended with them being turned down for jobs
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